Outcomes of Treatment of Low Back Pain

The International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement

Dr Biggs is the lead investigator of the ICHOM Low Back Pain study at North Shore Private Hospital.

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Purpose of the Study

The aim of the Study is to collect patient and practitioner reported outcomes at set intervals and analyse this data in order to determine the best type of treatment and thus improve patient care. This Study will help to guide the medical profession in choosing the best types of treatment for specific low back pain conditions, so that all people presenting with low back pain in the future can benefit. There will also be an opportunity to benchmark results with other units treating low back pain around the world.

This Study will involve patients suffering from low back pain with or without leg pain (sciatica) that may or may not require surgery.

Participation in this research is voluntary. If you do not wish to take part, you do not have to. You will receive the best possible care whether you take part or not.

Through this Study we will:

  • Measure and evaluate changes in your functional ability, following surgery or medical treatment;
  • Identify the best type of surgical procedure for best long-term outcomes;
  • Examine changes in your functional ability to find out which prosthetics
    provide the best long-term outcome, if relevant;
  • Enable North Shore Private Hospital to publish de-identified results to inform
    the wider community; and
  • Contribute to an international data set so that all clinicians, globally, can
    improve their processes with treatment of low back pain.